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Precious botanical garden of Tanegashima

Limited to one set per day

「Botanical Garden Hotel Azumaya」

Tanegashima's traditional technology


and renovation using natural materials


Daily life with the nature of Tanegashima


Tanegashima is an hour and a half from Kagoshima Minami Port by high-speed boat. And Near World Heritage Yakushima Island.

Azumaya is a 15-minute drive from Nishinoomote Port.
Botanical Museum Azumaya where you can stay, such as surf spots, beaches, fishing places, people who want to stay in a quiet place nearby,A great place for a base for sightseeing in Tanegashima.

In the village of Satonocho, a small port town called Sumiyoshi, you can stay at the Botanical Garden Azumaya,
First-class architect office studioKANRO, traditional blacksmith and pottery, trees and soil, plant dyeing, etc.
Renovated using the island's traditional techniques and natural materials, it was completed in August 2018.


Upper left   : Tile kitchen by a traditional potter   

Upper right  : Japanese ink, plaster and Tanegashima cedar
Bottom left  :  Curtains dyed with garden plants and sash of Tanegashima cedar.

Bottom right : Iron plate and plaster apply traditional techniques.

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It is a wonderful building made by traditional Japanese craftsmen such as blacksmiths, plasterers, potters and dyers


Azumaya's garden is home to about 200 species of plants, mainly endemic and endangered species from Tanegashima collected by Dr. Botanical.



Azumaya has 3 rooms and accommodation rooms in a rented building.You can feel the outside plants from each room, and they are fully equipped with air conditioning, so you can stay comfortably.


Japanese Room ( Japanese futon sleeps- 3people )


You can spend a relaxing time surrounded by lots of flowers and overgrowing trees.
Depending on the season, there are tomatoes, oranges, passion fruits, ginger and garlic that can be harvested and eaten.

Western Room ( sleeps - 2 people )

Amenitie se

◇ Facilities and Amenities

・Air-conditioned all rooms

・Cooking equipment

 Kitchen and cooking utensils
 (Seasoning, 2L of water, 2L of tea)

 Cooker + rice 5kg

  Refrigerator, microwave oven

  BBQ set

  Tanegashima traditional shochu

〇Bathroom (bath, shower)

〇Washing machine (with detergent), hanger

〇Bath towel + hand towel

〇Toothbrush, original soap

〇Shower cap, razor, comb

※ There is no meal provided, so you will have to prepare your own meals     at Azumaya or eat at nearby cafes, restaurants, shops, etc.

和室 ふとん×3人分

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